Bursting bubbles at 60Hz

So I got a mail …

Below is an excerpt of the conversation between one AlecMcCutcheon and myself. He’s a member of the Powder Toy community and had quite an interesting idea about subframe tech and SOAP contraptions working together.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any grammatical mistakes, especially for the ones I didn’t make. The timestamps were added by me.

LBPHacker, 29-03-2016

The gist of it

LBPHacker I would like to talk to you about some properties of the 60hz FRAM preview you created along with some other things I have discovered to be very interesting maybe we could collaborate on something. As you may know I have been testing and developing neurons and very basic forms of self-awareness per say, I am 16 born may 19 1999 I am heading for programming myself and believe this may be very possible to create. even though the simulation is so small. the amount of processes that I have seen in my testing provides me with new wonders about what is really possible in it. If I am correct this may lead to the first completely biological and maybe really aware AI. although I’m starting small and It will be some time before we get there, we could develop it from similar processes and codes used in the powder toy, I have already created a sort of aware 2d entity and would like to talk with you about helping me go further with this Idea, If your interested you can contact me here:


Hope to hear back from you

24-03-2016, AlecMcCutcheon

I was intrigued at first. Although the idea seemed a bit far-fetched, it was worth checking out. I curiously replied:

Dear Alec,

I’d definitely like to talk about programming. It’s what I do every day, you can imagine how much I’m into it. I’m willing to talk about programming with pretty much everybody who knows or wants to know what they’re talking about.

Developing AI systems, however, is not something I’m particularly interested in. Although I do have some experience with “learning” algorithms, it’s just not my cup of tea, if you will.

Then there is the fact that, as you mentioned, a Powder Toy simulation is nowhere big or powerful enough to sustain any sort of AI that actually learns things. I found Powder Toy to be useful for killing time with developing virtual computers, nothing more and nothing less.

I have seen your saves and I must say, I’d be very much interested in your methods of determining whether those “entities” are self aware. I couldn’t decide just by looking at them.

Bump me on Skype, if you wish.



24-03-2016, LBPHacker

That was what tipped it off.

Thanks for responding I am still in the early stages of programming and its something I am pursuing. TPT simulation is not powerful enough for anywhere near human level learning capability’s, But some of the processes within it seem to be more than meets the eye, and although you are not into developing AI systems, there is something interesting about how the simulation is set up is, for example The Element {Soap} Has more properties in the simulation than what’s written in the code Here:

*snip* - the full contents SOAP.cpp

In the TPT logs {Soap}, when under pressure, tends to bind itself into other SOAP particles and create lines or even bubbles which will then float but does not show much more, after the soap is activated with the right combination of particles, any time every time it binds It creates several different inputs and outputs that are adaptable to a number of particles and can be transferred via {soap} neurons, protons, spark, metal, and lots of other particles. activated soap can kinda evolve too when I built simple switch outputs and connected to the activated soap via my newer Neuron build, not one that I have uploaded yet, and you would suspect that it’s just creating random outputs right?? WELL it turns out that it is not random and has pattern, repetition and changes based on the simulation and seems to act together. I will try to explain more when I can but you can build a component that contains activated soap and have it be the heart of a computer you build, it can also store memory and runs faster than any other thing I have seen in the simulation. it’s something to look into my published stuff isn’t up to date and I have some new stuff that is unpublished. It’s hard to tell in the mess of my first uploads but they can be more then random impulses.I going to upload a new basic switch board with outputs with soup I have more but for now I going to publish this.

Feel free to add anything

24-03-2016, AlecMcCutcheon

I have checked the guy’s saves. They were, for the lack of a better term, SOAP monsters. They all looked quite random to me and didn’t make any sense in general. I decided that I’d let the matter rest for a day.

The following day Alec resent his last mail, for reasons unknown to me. Then this arrived:

*snip* - an image showing my 60Hz FRAM demo messing up and shooting BRAY everywhere

What’s your take on this?

it’s something my “evolved” active soap created, it kinda looks like generic code, and when placed and hooked up it begins to transfer the “Code” stuff to other 60mz and other soap? then the soap effected starts reacting as if it were the same as the soap that created the Code. seems to have some kind of evolution to it?

25-03-2016, AlecMcCutcheon

I was quite a bit upset, seeing the word evolved and that image in the same mail. I might have been a bit too harsh:

My take on that is that you completely broke it. It’s not supposed to shoot stuff everywhere. Don’t try to mess with subframe stuff unless you really know what you’re doing.

25-03-2016, LBPHacker

The response was equally harsh. On one hand, it pained me to see someone offended by my apparent ignorance. On the other hand, though, I had great fun reading the letter. I especially liked the quote at the end.

I’m not sure how the copying of the 60mz’s “code” to the other blank 60mz can be explained by it being broken and from what I have observed it seems it was formulated by a type of active soap,

*snip* - a similar image to the previous one, but with two instances of my FRAM, covered with SOAP

But I can see that your not the person I should be talking to about this, I’ll talk to a couple other programmers I’ve met before that seem to be more cooperative and open to new ideas.

I’m sorry for troubling you and good day.

-You can only find discovery in the unknown

25-03-2016, AlecMcCutcheon

Four minutes later I got another one:

I appreciate your help so far, and I am fully aware that the 60mz is not working the way it is usually suppose to, but the way it is built makes it adaptable.

25-03-2016, AlecMcCutcheon

At this time I haven’t yet received anything else from Alec.

I think it’ll be best to just bury this somewhere deep. Maybe on my blog that nobody ever sees.

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